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Shirley Pinkson of W3LL PEOPLE

#WCW – Meet Shirley Pinkson, co-founder and makeup guru of W3LL PEOPLE. Shirley’s previous professional background came from conventional, big brand cosmetics, working for names like MAC and Nars, and teaching their artists in the U.S. and Europe. Eventually she went from promoting conventional cosmetics to creating her own brand (with two other partners) that are natural with chemical free ingredients. W3LL PEOPLE ensures all products are safe and sustainable with high quality performance. From packaging to the product- the brand’s trademark is minimalist and natural. Her brand was also named ALLURE Best of Beauty.


It was such an honor to have a one on one makeup session with Shirley where I was able to learn about the background of her beautiful brand. However, the fun part was obviously getting my face colored by Shirley! One of the first thought that came to my mind when foundation was placed on my skin was that I couldn’t even feel the foundation! My favorite from W3LL PEOPLE are definitely the multi-purpose ones because I can literally create a look with just one product. Okay, enough of the fan-girling. Let me show you the natural look Shirley had done for me! Products used will be listed below!


Products used to create this glowing natural look:

  1. Face: Narcissist Foundation Stick Shade #3
  2. Under-eye: Bio-Correct Concealer – Fair
  3. Blush/Lips: Universalist Multi-Stick Shade #5
  4. Glow: Healthy Eating & Bio Brightener Stick

And that is it! What is more awesome is that you can use your fingers to blend the products. No brush required. :) Give it a try! If I were to create this look myself again- I would probably skip the foundation unless it’s a special occasion. :)

Remember, LESS IS MORE. Feed your skin, not harm it. <3



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