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Fight or Flight Response

My Fight or Flight response really had the best of me today (I still have that high school biology knowledge in me, haha). This physiological reaction occurs when our body experiences mental and physical stress. The primary emotions generated by the Fight or Flight response are anger (the emotional energy to fight) and fear (the emotional energy to flee). These feelings are the feelings I call – negativity.

So let me tell you about my story today. As you all know, I attended the WELL Summit VIP Meet and Greet at Dean’s list restaurant. Throughout the day, I was really excited, sleepy (I couldn’t sleep the night before), and was also rattled because I fear I would be that awkward girl. I told myself I won’t. I refuse. I practiced in front of mirrors greeting myself, asked for advice from my extrovert coworkers, and prepared a list of questions before the meet and greet. Rushed out of the office at 5 and one hour later, landed on the 15th floor of Wyndham hotel with a small group which consisted of the people who made WELL Summit possible. It was great, I survived, and it felt wonderful. After we went over the blueprint proposal of the weekend festivities, it was time to head downstairs. One person came in, okay, not that bad. Then, two, three, and four…you get the idea. The floor was filled and you can hear people chat and talk over each other. I spoke to a few people and then became really nervous. I literally used the bathroom excuse three to four times!

When our Fight or Flight response kicks in, “our body functions are put on hold – digestion, assimilation, cell production, circulation, and immunological defense.” Not only did I use the bathroom excuse, I stood near the food table, and just ate. I felt so out of place when many asked if I had kids, meaning they’re probably way older than me. LOL Around 8:30PM, I decided to leave. As I left, you can image my negativity shouting from all directions.  “Eva, why did you leave?! Why can’t you just be normal!? It was your chance and you’ve become that girl again!”

Have you ever heard of the saying, “life is a bed of thorns in a garden of roses?” How we feel about life depends on what we focus upon and where we place our attention. “Did you ever notice that every time you are given roses, the stem is always covered with thorns? (The flower wilts quickly if thorns are removed, which is why florists leave the thorns on) Do you say, “Oh, why are you giving me this stick with thorns on it?” Of course not. You admire the beauty of the rose. Even if you prick yourself in your enthusiasm, it never seems to hurt because you are too engrossed in appreciating the rose and the person who gave it to you.”

So what I am implying is that, in the moment- I had two choices. I can continue to find evidence to blame myself or I can accept my flaws, know that I’ve tried, and find evidence that this is just who I am and what makes me Eva. Whatever negativity you are feeling right now, absorb the fact that you have the power to control your thoughts.

Today, I felt like I learned a bit more of myself. I realized that 10 seconds small talk aren’t really my cup of tea. I am more of a “hey, let’s go grab some boba milk tea and talk about your life and passion” type of person. But anyways, I’m sure you know how this ends. :)

P.S. Can I just mention how beautiful the weather is tonight? :)

Think positive, xoxo.


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  • Reply Daniel Sin

    Practice makes perfect. At this rate you will be better at making connections more than me. :)

    November 6, 2015 at 7:55 pm
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