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Hello! ♥ I’m Eva, a 20 something year-old Boston gal who is an aspiring entrepreneur and is passionate about living well. I love to always learn, explore, and experiment; especially the ever expanding realms of clean eating, prestigious field of green beauty, accessible Boston fitness classes, and the holistic approach in medicine. I practice the art of positivity and is a firm believer that a positive mind creates a greater level of physical and mental energy to achieve goals, and most importantly; helps inspire others and yourself.

I created this eco-chic and eco-friendly blog to inspire you to make simple life changes for a healthier and happier you because to be honest, “the greatest wealth is health!” -(Virgil). My dad once told me that knowledge and imagination is power; power is key and you can either use the power to build or destroy. Well, I am here to channel my passion to you so you can deepen your knowledge and empower your well-being! :)

Before I begin my story, I want to clarify that I am not here to tell you what you should do and should not do. I don’t believe there is a golden rule on how to live life. It is your choice, your body, and your health. I am here to simply inform and inspire you so you, yourself can make decisions that will benefit you.

I trust every individual has a unique story, and here is mine…♥




If you have any questions, contact me at! :)


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