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2016 TEDxBeaconStreet

I love TEDx talks. As a matter of fact, the first TEDx talk that I had ever watched (Why you will fail to have a great career” by Larry Smith) was a big motivation for me to create my blog.  For those who are not familiar with TEDx, it is a nonprofit devoted to spreading innovative ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks.  I attended my first TedxAmherst talk when I was in college and attended my second one last night in Boston!

Last night’s TedxBeaconStreet was an incredible experience! The theme of the talk was, “Thriving Over Surviving,”- exploring the intersection of medicine, technology, and personal health transformation. Although I don’t plan to pursue in medicine; however, for someone like me who works in the healthcare field, sometimes I just can’t help but think about how broken the healthcare system really is-especially when I feel I am unconsciously part of that system. However, last night’s speakers gave me hope. Hope that there are individuals who are dedicated and committed to fix and create an innovative system in medicine.  Through storytelling, each speaker conveyed their personal experiences and messages to the audience. It was real. It was focused. It was present. I was deeply inspired.  Whether it was listening to Daniel Krat, founder and curator of Exponential Medicine- a program exploring the impact and potential of rapidly developing technologies to reshape health and biomedicine or Adrianne Haslet’s, a Boston Marathon bombing survivor, open letter to terrorists – it was an emotional ride with each speaker. I am so grateful for such an inspirational night!

My advice to you is- go out there and attend talks, conferences, events that you are passionate or curious about! Go learn! You will meet so many people who share the same interests and that is what I believe is a start of real friendships.  I started talking to the person who was sitting next to me last night, and turns out he is actually one of the TEDx talk public speaking mentors. How incredible right? One thing that I will forever remember and appreciate is when his second question to me (after we shared a fun fact about each other) was, “so what are you passionate about?” How often do you meet someone for the first time and they ask you about your passion? I answered with enthusiasm and he said, “Your dream is possible,” followed by a fist bump. I couldn’t stop smiling. :)




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